News: ​Crisis in the Mediterranean region creates more tourism in Spain

29 September 2016

MADRID - Spain will probably close this year with 70 million or more international tourists who have come to the country to enjoy a holiday. That is a record in terms of numbers of foreign tourists who will also spend a record amount in tens of billions. However, Spain owes all that tourist attention to quality and Spain as a product, or Spain benefits from the terrorist and political problems in other countries, so that the international tourist opts for the "safe" Spain.

Spain has a lot to offer the tourist, so the numbers do not lie. For several years more and more foreigners are coming to the land of the sun, sea, beach, fiesta and siesta and year by year millions of tourists join. In 2015, the tourism year was closed with 68 million international tourists and it is expected that this number will increase to 70 million or more in 2016. These millions of foreign tourists spent 51 billion euros during the holiday in the country last year. With these numbers Spain is third on the world list of popular tourist countries behind the number one United States and the number two China where most money is spent during the holidays.

Terrorism and politics

It goes touristy very well with Spain and the Spaniards believe that this is due to the product Spain and everything that Spain has to offer the visitor. Of course, that is also the case and plays a major role, but the fact is that international holidaymakers no longer go on holiday to other countries around the Mediterranean for fear of terrorist attacks or because of the political climate. Think of countries like France, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Tunisia where the numbers of tourists have declined by millions. A large part of these tourists still want to go close to the sun and then one arrives quickly in Spain.

Lent tourists

Yet that is not the only reason because for several years more and more foreign tourists are coming to Spain for a holiday so there was already a rising number. This year, however, a large part of the holidaymakers will have opted for Spain instead of another Mediterranean destination. Experts believe that once the situation in those other countries will be more normal, the borrowed tourists will return to Turkey, Greece and other countries. This means that in the coming years a certain degree of stability will occur in the number of foreign tourists in Spain.

Apparently the areas of Spain that offer sun and beach, namely Andalusia, Catalonia, Comunidad Valenciana, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands and Murcia, have received some 660,000 new "borrowed" tourists, figures that almost correspond to the numbers that other countries lost again to have.

Source: Spain today

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