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News: ​The face of the Moorish prince in the rock of Alicante

13 December 2016

In the castle of Alicante, now the Castillo de Santa Barbara, a Moorish prince lived with his beautiful daughter Zahara. The princess had been married to the Sultan of Damascus as a young girl, but the beautiful princess had fallen in love with a Christian boy.

On several occasions the prince forbade his daughter's association with this Christian boy, but their love was so strong that she wanted to flee together. However, the Christian was captured by the soldiers of the Moorish prince and sentenced to death. He could only save his life if the gardens of the castle were covered with snow the next morning, a virtually impossible task in the warm Spain. But miraculously, the next morning there was snow in the gardens of the castle.

Unfortunately, this miracle did not cool the rage of the Moorish prince, who broke his promise and allowed the Christian to hang on a tower of the castle above the abyss.

When his daughter Zahara saw the body of her beloved dangling lifeless, Zahara walked over, embraced her lover and together they plunged into the depth under the eyes of the dazed prince.

The Moorish prince then committed suicide and threw himself down from the Benacantil rock. As if by miracle, his face appeared shortly afterwards in the rock where he had jumped. In this way he keeps reminding people of his word break and can mock him every day without harming anyone.

Today the face in the rock is known as the "Cara del Moro"

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Source: Wikispanje

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