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News: Moving to the sun

27 March 2019

Moving to the sun

Spain is one of the most popular countries for North Europeans to live in. Every year hundreds are brave enough to pack their bags. But not everyone chooses to move permanently. Semigration is also increasingly being done. Tough travelers dare to take the step and partly live abroad. If you opt for semigration, you will keep your property in your home country. You also buy or rent a house in another country. And in which country can you live rather and better than in Spain? The country where people are friendly. Where you can admire the most beautiful landscapes. Where you can enjoy the best food and the wonderful climate.

For those who dare

Not everyone can emigrate. In addition to financial stability, you also need a large dose of guts. You must be able to take the step physically as well as mentally. Not everyone can handle the stress and change that it brings. In addition, you must be flexible and not afraid to take action. But you get a lot instead. When you are ready for global citizenship, there is nothing better than living in two countries at the same time. Going for your dreams makes you feel good. The freedom it brings is without limits. Whether you live inland or on one of the Spanish Costas, you can live the good life anywhere in Spain.

Explore your new neighborhood

When you have found your dream house you can already start exploring the neighborhood. You only feel like a Spaniard when you have also Spanish friends. It is nice to make some contacts before you plan the move. This way you will feel at home faster at your new location. You can do this for example by visiting local associations, such as a sports club. This also helps you explore the area. When you know people, the new house will feel like home faster. It is also smart to see which other facilities are in the area. You can for example look for restaurants, supermarkets, sports facilities, a pharmacy, doctor, hospital and a police station.

Nothing like Spain

Of course, there will be moments of homesickness. To the things that you are used to or punctuality. That is part of it. But consider: Your home country is just a flight or a ride away. If you want, you will be back within a few hours. All the ordinary daily things do not outweigh the beautiful Spanish beaches. Friends, neighbors, colleagues, everyone will be jealous that you can walk there every day.Start your day with café con leche early in the morning in the morning sun. Relax in the afternoon and enjoy the sun's rays or, just like the Spaniards, enjoy a siesta during the heat of the day. And then end your day with tapas or paella, watching the sunset. You will experience it for yourself: there is nothing more beautiful than a life in Spain. Make your Spanish dream come true?


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e5Ih4SpClY

Foto: https://tramitesyrequisitos.com/paraguay/viajar-a-espana/

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