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News: ​What will be the weather in Spain this Christmas?

20 December 2016

MADRID - The last few weeks it is bar and angry for the weather in many places in Spain. Consider the recent flooding after the heavy rainfall and storm in the province of Málaga, Huelva and Cádiz a few weeks ago and more recently the problems due to the extreme weather in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia, Castellón, Murcia and Almería. Now many Dutch and Belgians coming to Spain in the coming Christmas season in the hope of nice weather we look forward to the weather forecasts. The last two weeks, it is bar and angry with regard to the weather in Spain and especially in the regions along the Mediterranean coast and Balearic Islands popular with the foreigners, the heavy weather caused many problems, damage, flooding and even deaths. For the Spaniards, Christmas actually starts this Thursday, December 22 with the draw of the "El Gordo" Christmas lottery, followed by "Nochebuena" on Saturday evening December 24 and (first) Christmas day on December 25th.

Just like the Spaniards themselves who go out on Christmas holidays, the foreign holidaymakers who come to Spain for the Christmas season also look a lot on the websites where the news reports about the weather can be found. Through eltiempo.com we try to make a prediction for the weather over the next Christmas period and there is good news.

Friday and Christmas weekend

This Friday and Saturday 24 December (Nochebuena or Christmas Eve) and 25 December (first) Christmas day it will be dry along the Mediterranean Sea because there is no rain expected. Celebrating Christmas in one of the popular regions such as Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia and the Balearic Islands is even more fun because the temperatures will rise slightly to some places in the south above 20 degrees. The wind will almost have disappeared and the sea will settle again. In the Canary Islands it can still rain in some places but certainly not storms and it is still around 20 to 22 degrees.

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Source: Spanjevandaag

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