News: A matter of time is that Spain will be the best wine country in the world.

5 April 2017

According to data from the most up-to-date research of the European Statistical Office Eurostat, Spain has the most vineyards of the European Union. Spain accounts for 941,145 hectares of land used for the cultivation of grapes. That is much more than the 802.896 hectares of the number two France or the 610.291 hectares of Italy, the number three on the list. However, these three countries together account for three quarters of the total area of vineyards within the European Union.

Although Spain has the most hectares of land used for wine growing, the number of hectares per vineyard is smaller than the number two France. While in Spain a vineyard averages 1.8 hectares, that is 10.5 hectares in France. Spain, however, has more operations than France with respectively 517,615 compared to 76,453. In Spain there is also the most important wine region of the EU, that is Castilla-La Mancha which accounts for 14% of the wine region in the EU.

According to the Eurostat, Spain supplies 95.6% of quality wines, while in France it is 84.4%.

Source: Spain today

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