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News: ​Spain ready for the "veranillo de San Martín" a short hot and dry period

10 November 2016

MADRID - In Spain one speaks about the "veranillo de San Martín" in the middle of November, which usually takes place in the middle of November and is characterized by pleasant autumn weather without rain and nice temperatures. breather before the cold and wet winter will start In itself, many inhabitants of some Spanish areas will not notice much but according to tradition, in mid-November is always spoken of the so-called "veranillo de San Martín" or the small summer of Sint Maarten. On 11 November, St. Martin (Martin of Tours) is a bishop who lived in France in the Middle Ages and is a saint because he would have done some miracles.

Around this date in Spain there is talk about milder, drier and warmer weather before the cold winter begins. The name "San Martín" is therefore due to St. Martin on November 11 and around this date normally higher temperatures are measured than the rest of the month of November.This period of higher temperatures lasts only a few days after which it can usually go cold again. In the United States, the "veranillo de San Martín" has a different name and is called "indian summer." In Spain there is also a saying "De San Martín a Santa Isabel, veranillo es". There is also a similar period in Spain called "veranillo de San Miguel" which coincides with the beginning of the autumn period where it is still pleasantly warm for a few days

source: Spain today

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