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News: ​​Celebrating New Years in Spain

21 November 2016

Spain, the fantastic, temperamental country with many traditions. Likewise with New Year's, the Spaniards have special traditions that stand for prosperity and happiness. Where we usher in the New Year with friends, oliebollen and champagne, it goes in Spain just a little different. In this blog I will give you tips to prepare well for Spain to celebrate the new year, full of happiness and prosperity, in a Spanish way!


To begin with the first tradition, the Spaniards eat 12 grapes at each clock at midnight. This tradition has been implemented since the turn of the year of 1909-1910. Eating 12 grapes is the way to start the arrival of the new year full of prosperity and happiness. The 12 grapes represent the 12 months of the year, each grape represents 1 month of happiness and prosperity. Mind you, it's not easy, 12 grapes in 12 clocks eat, but it is certainly worth a try. TIP keeps a delicious glass of Cava at hand. After the last grape has been swallowed, the Spaniards want each other to wish each other Feliz Año Nuevo (happy new year).


The second tradition that the Spaniards have is wearing red lingerie. This is a tradition that applies to women. Wearing red underwear will ensure that the new year brings romance, happiness and fertility. Please note that it must be the new lingerie that you received from someone. TIP for the men, give a nice red set to your partner!


A third tradition of the Spaniards is that they put money in their shoes. The Spaniards think by putting money in their shoes the chance is greater to win a fortune. Every year, every Spaniard hopes again on December 22 a part of ?? El Gordo ?? (the national lottery and in Spain). In 2015 the amount of ?? El Gordo ?? on ?? 2,240,000,000.


A fourth and the last tradition in this blog has to do with suitcases. Because when you love traveling, you have to walk around with New Year's Eve with your suitcase. This tradition says that when you walk around with a suitcase, you are more likely to travel in the new year.


Where the Spaniards paint fireworks almost every National Day, it is not customary in Spain, just like in the Netherlands, to paint fireworks at New Year's Eve at midnight.

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