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News: ​All Saints is a national holiday in Spain: Dia de Todos los Santos

31 October 2016

MADRID - On the 1st of November, the day after Halloween, almost the whole of Spain celebrates the Día de todos los Santos, All Saints Day, a traditional day in which one pays tribute to the deceased, whether acquaintances, relatives or other loved ones. On this day it is quite normal for whole families to go to the cemeteries to lay flowers on the graves of the deceased family members.

It is therefore a busy affair in the Spanish cemeteries with the sale of hundreds of flowers and people who clean the graves for a fee, usually the days before the family comes to see the grave. The day after the Día de todos los Santos, November 2, in Spain and the rest of the Catholic world the All Souls is celebrated, in Spanish the Día de Muertos or Día de Difuntos.

All saints

On 1 November, according to the Catholic Church, not only all famous saints are worshiped, but also the unknown. According to the Catholic faith, there are three forms of existence: life on earth, the dead who have not yet gone to heaven, and finally all the deceased who have gone to heaven. The latter are considered holy and they are all commemorated on the day of All Saints, the Día de todos los Santos.


In the days leading up to 1 November, the whole of Spain will ensure that the graves of the relatives and neighbors are cleaned up, swept away and all old flowers are taken away. Flower shops earn more in the weeks prior to All Saints Day than in the rest of the year. Weeks in advance the most beautiful bunches of flowers are ordered. In the small villages in the countryside it is often also a prestigious issue; the nicer and more exaggerated the grave is "dressed" the greater the appearance.


And as with every Spanish holiday, at El Dia de Todos los Santos, typical delicacies also belong. They differ per region, but the most famous ones are certainly Huesos de Santo and Buñuelos de Viento. These delicacies you really must have tried.

Incidentally, November 1 is also a free day in Spain and since this year falls on Tuesday, millions of Spaniards have taken a long weekend to go on a short holiday, often to the birth village to go to the graves of the family at the local cemeteries .

Source: Spain today

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