News: ​Spain's highest temperature measured in Alicante with 29 degrees

4 November 2016

ALICANTE - On Thursday, November 3 at 12:30 the highest temperature of Spain was measured in Alicante. The mercury rose to 29 degrees in this popular region with solar seekers, although that temperature was measured in the capital of the Costa Blanca itself and not on the coast. At no other place in the country was this Thursday as warm as in Alicante.

Alicante had the highest temperature in Spain on Thursday with 29 degrees. That saved a few mini degrees with Murcia where about 28.8 degrees was measured but again very much with Valencia where it did not get hotter than 26.7 degrees and Castellón with 22.4 degrees.

In Andalusia it was not so hot this time because there was in many places to do with clouds and even rain on the Costa del Sol. In Almería the temperature did not exceed 23 degrees according to the Spanish weather service AEMET, while in Palma de Mallorca it was only 21 degrees. Also in the Canary Islands the mercury did not exceed 22 degrees because they also had clouded weather there.

For a long time the warm party will not last in Alicante, as cold and rainy weather is forecast for this weekend. In the higher places it will snow, something that is also possible in the mountains in the hinterland of Castellón and Valencia.

Incidentally, the lowest temperature this Thursday was -1 degrees. This was measured in the small hamlet of Montenastró, province of Lleida in Catalonia, near the Estació d'Esqui Port Ainé ski station

Source Spain today!

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